SHR Back Together Again

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans  John Lennon

Coming back from an awesome camp with so many inspirational ideas and the post just appeared out of nowhere and clipped my bike pedal and spirally cracked my leg very close to my ankle -ouch for another 12 weeks.

Thanks to Mr Mepham for teaching us so many exciting, strategic games – we are loving using them as brain energisers to get us back on task!! between learning sessions

Winter has arrived with very good news for those of us who are farmers AND gardeners however could have been tough for the schoolies.  Fortunately we found something we ALL like to do.  See video clip


Cirque Bourch

SHR were so enthused and inspired by the presentation of talent in CIRQUE AfRICA that they immediately wanted to try out their own skills and demonstrate their own strengths.  WELL, you wouldn’t believe what happened next!  We had everyone from Ringmasters extraordinaire to